Free of Freedom

by Poise Under Chaos

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released September 7, 2015

solidad decosta: vocals, keyboards, electronics, recording, mastering, walking, wandering, daydreaming, avoiding gainful employment



all rights reserved


Poise Under Chaos California

Tracing back and forth through myriad paths, solidad decosta writes, makes music and performs. She's been a lot of places, just ask her, OK? OK. When she's not busy with Poise Under Chaos, she writes and performs as Shout Cacophony, or just plain solidad. ... more

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Track Name: Free of Freedom
Verse 1:

Free of Freedom
That's what they're selling us

“Just comply”
That's what they're telling us

No matter what they offer me,
I will never obey

Verse 2:

Trust in the law
That's what they're selling us

“Submit or else”
That's what they're telling us

No matter how they threaten me,
I have my own way


Will they fix their hearts?
Not likely

Decolonize their minds?
“Not timely”

No matter how bad things get,
There's a buck to be made

Verse 3:

“Not at this time”
That's what I'm selling them

Rotten to the core
That's what I'm telling them

No matter what they offer me,
They can all go to hell
Track Name: Extinguish The Longing
Verse 1:

It's been a long summer
Yes it has

I want to find some way out
I know I will

Some way out of this path
of destitution

Verse 2:

Swimming uphill, upstream, from the bottom
Is no way to live

Sudo me some sedition
Incinerate a...never mind

Or at least

Liberate all the boundless stuff
You can get your mitts on


An international freakout
A riot in the hometown square

79% of witches agree
Feral angels

will lead the revolution

Verse 3:

Its a little better now
that the fall has fell

Wind and smoke and hail and floods
Oh yeah

Soon, it'll be blood and fire
an insurrectionary rain